The Hills are Alive with Spring

Keep your eyes on Green Mountain. Like a vernal barometer, its annual shift from winter bisque to spring jade is a happy sign of the season to come. In late May, prairie wildflowers blossom, vibrantly framing the mountain’s 20-plus miles of hiking, running and mountain biking trails.

There’s always plenty of wildlife to spot up there too, so take your binoculars if you go. Once the home of wild bison herds, Green Mountain still supports bluebirds, hawks, rabbits, mule deer and coyotes. Peaking at 6,856 feet, the mountain offers spectacular views of Denver and the foothills — an idyllic setting for the spring’s first picnic. Other great ways to celebrate the season? Go sailing on Bear Creek Lake. Drive the Lariat Loop, a 40-mile scenic byway with winding roads and breathtaking views. Check out the dinosaur tracks and bones embedded in the rocks of Dinosaur Ridge, an outdoor museum. Play golf at Fox Hollow or Fossil Trace. Or explore the 200 miles of trails in Jefferson County open space.

Those are just a few of our ideas. What’s your favorite way to celebrate springtime in the Rockies?


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